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NameWanted ForState WantedReward
0140032925F.JPGRoberto Gonzalez GuerreroTrafficking Marijuana 893.135 893.1351 Grand Theft 812.014FLORIDA$Large Cash$
evans.jpgCourtney Andrew EvansUNSPECIFIED NEW JERSEY$Large Cash$
Untitled-1.jpgDarwin Ariel Caguana GonzalezAggravated AssaultNEW JERSEY$Large Cash$
piguerro.jpgFelix PegueroS2011-207 W2011-204, 205,206 Poss of controlled substanceNEW JERSEY$Large Cash$
besart-loga.jpgBesart LogaROBBERY/CONSPIRACYNEW JERSEY$Large Cash$
basil-basil.jpgBassil BassilCONSPIRACY W13-1833NEW JERSEY$Large Cash$
180731.jpgSCOT VERNON PURVIS1 Misdemeanor Count(s) of 316.193.1 DUI ALCOHOL OR DRUGS 1 Unknown Count(s) of 322.34.2 OPERATE WHILE SUSP/CANC/REVOKED-W/KNOWLEDGEFLORIDA$Large Cash$
Charles-Taylor_mugshot.400x800.jpgCharles TaylorUNLAW POSS WEAP-HANDGUNNEW JERSEY$25,000
Yequelin-Perdomo-Perdomo.jpgYequelin Perdomo PerdomoDriving license suspended FLORIDA$Large Cash$
barrios.jpgVladimir BarriosTrafficking cannabis Possession with intent to sell and deliver Cultivation of cannabisFLORIDA$Large Cash$